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Any Amenity You Miss? - Date 01/22/2021

Which of the amenities that are still closed do you miss the most? The Coffee Lounge, the Fitness Center, or the Clubhouse?

Storage Solutions - Date 01/19/2021

Our closets offer plenty of room to keep your belongings organized. And you can always move some items to the extra storage room, should you need more space!

The Natural Cafe - Date 01/14/2021

Brunch at your desk? It can definitely be a thing when you order your favorite meal and a delicious cup of coffee from The Natural Café. Their healthy dishes will energize you for the tasks ahead!

Empty Bike Racks? - Date 01/11/2021

These bike racks aren’t meant to stay empty. There’s only one exception and that’s if you’re already on your bike heading someplace! #bikefriendly

Cat Behavior - Date 01/08/2021

Cats can have a bowl full of water and still try to drink straight from the kitchen tap. Does your cat display any weird behaviors?

New Habit Wednesday! - Date 01/06/2021

New habits should start on Wednesdays…it’s not so early in the week to feel pressed to act now and not too late to feel guilty about not starting sooner. You can begin small, with something as simple as updating your self-care routine!

Happy New Year 2021! - Date 12/31/2020

happy new year at Siena Apartments, Santa Maria, CA

366 days later, it’s time for 2021 to take over 2020. Let’s welcome it hoping it will be better, kinder, and more delightful. Happy New Year to all our residents!

Resolutions Made Easy - Date 12/28/2020

resolutions at Siena Apartments, Santa Maria, CA, 93458

Move the goals you didn’t accomplish this year to the next one. Nobody says you must do them all in 2020! #bekindtoyourself

Season's Greetings! - Date 12/24/2020

greetings at Siena Apartments, California, 93458

Roasted chestnuts, freshly baked cookies, and heartfelt gifts can only mean one thing: the holidays are finally here! Have a wonderful celebration alongside all those who make your life more beautiful!

Maintain the Perfect Temperature Year-Round - Date 12/22/2020

cozy winter décor at Siena Apartments, California

Blankets are purely decorative at Siena. The electronic thermostats present in every apartment let you easily control the temperature so that it’s never too chilly or too hot inside!