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Social Updates

The Best BBQ Grills

Posted On: 09/17/2021

If you were to choose between our regular barbeque station and the Santa Maria-style BBQ grill, which one would you pick...

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Landsat 9 Launch

Posted On: 09/14/2021

A few days from now, history will be made. And you can enjoy a front-row seat. We’re talking about the Landsat 9 satelli...

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Yoga Anytime, Anywhere

Posted On: 09/08/2021

Have we ever told you we love yoga? You can do it anywhere: in your living room, on our lawns, on the balcony… You don’t...

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Labor Day 2021

Posted On: 09/06/2021

Happy Labor Day! Take a break from your regular activities and do something that makes your soul happy!

Comfy Kitties

Posted On: 09/02/2021

‘Draw me like one of your French girls’ – that’s how comfortable cats feel in our community!

To the Sundeck!

Posted On: 08/30/2021

Every minute spent on our sundeck counts as two minutes spent on chores. So spend hours lounging in the sun and you won’...

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Ingenious Bathroom Decor

Posted On: 08/26/2021

Have you ever considered turning toilet paper into a cute decoration? Get a storage basket, and put it there, making sur...

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Our Sister Properties

Posted On: 08/24/2021

Even when we’re fully occupied, we can still help you find a home. One of our sister properties might fit your requireme...

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Paradise Beach

Posted On: 08/20/2021

If you ever want to have the whole beach for yourself, you should plan a trip to Paradise Beach. It’s probably one of th...

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Cute Reason for Stress

Posted On: 08/17/2021

“Help, my masters are stressing me out… but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.” … and that’s because your dogs are ...

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